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There are many good universities around the world. Perhaps too many. Because of this, it can be difficult to decide which one to apply to or transfer to. In this first workshop in the series, we will provide general information about universities in the United States. In the subsequent workshops, more specific details as well as universities in other countries will be discussed.

In America there are more than 4000 universities each of which has its strengths and is unique from all the others. I will talk about how one can choose a university from this list, find out how to get scholarships and funding to attend a university, and what the application process to these universities looks like. I will start by talking about what American universities are like, how they differ from each other, and what they look for in prospective students.

About the lecturer: 

My name is Lara. I was born and raised in a suburb of Boston. As a child I did gymnastics, theater, and art. A month ago I graduated from the Univeristy of Chicago with majors in Math and Physics and a minor in History and next year I am starting graduate school at Harvard in Applied Physics. 

Ever since I went through the college application process myself, I have been helping other students with various parts of their application process from choosing a school, to writing their college essays, to studying for the SATs. Unfortunately, the college process in America is quite complicated and from what I understand pretty different from the process in other countries. I hope that I can help you get familiar with this process and find a university that works best for you.


I really like the lesson ! The information was very useful ☺️
19 Jul 2022
The lesson was very helpful and informative. I personally liked the lesson very much.
19 Jul 2022
Minh Kong