I was born in Dnipro, Ukraine, where all my family has been from for generations. I moved to Lithuania in my 3rd grade and then to the US after graduating from High School.

Since my childhood I have loved math, science and coding. In school, I won Math Olympiads and would program any programmable device I could find. I wanted to be a teacher like my dad.

I graduated from high school and then college at the top of my class with the Bachelor Degree in Computer Science. After college, I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, California and worked for many years as a Software Engineer first and later as a Senior Product Manager for top companies like Google, eBay and many others.  Much of the code I wrote is still being used in the world. For example, I wrote early AI code back in 2005 that is still running inside Siri on Apple iPhones.

After working in technology for many years, I remembered my childhood wish to be a teacher. I wanted to help children learn science, technology, and coding.  So now I teach coding at a K-8 school to local kids and online to kids ages 7-16 all around the world.  

I am  great at problem-solving and debugging code and I love helping my students with their projects. I love being creative with the ways I teach to keep our lessons super fun.